MetroSolusyon is a website of the Metro Manila Development Authority calling for active and genuine citizen involvement in finding solutions to metro-wide concerns, promoting good & inspiring news, and contributing to make Metro Manila corrupt-free, clean, orderly, safe and progressive.

The MMDA urges you to:

1. Report complaints/incidents on any matter involving MMDA employees engaging in corrupt practices. Or on any citizen caught bribing our MMDA employees.

2. Laud or commend a good deed of any MMDA employee to keep our people motivated doing the right job, and doing it right.

3. Suggest concrete solutions to pressing problems you directly encounter around the metropolis.

Message from the Chairman
" As responsible and concerned citizens, people should stop hiding behind text messages and reports sent anonymously to authorities to express their gripes against illegal activities in the metropolis. My appeal to people who complain and call our Agency's attention, is to give us accurate and complete reports and assist us through the process, so that we can act upon them with more concrete solutions, swiftly. “
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