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SUGGESTION 1: Good day there! I’m a Turkish, who married to Filipino and leaving here more than a year. I’m driving here in the Manila, and also everyday I’m coming to work from Imus, Cavite.

I strongly suggest to change the fine/ticket procedure, because, even your Filipino citizen like to pay the ticket, they don’t want to go pick up their DRIVER LICENSES next day from city hall, there is the hassle! I know many of my friend bribe, because they have to, who will spend the day just to pick up his/her license. In Turkey, if you got caught by Police and got ticket, if you like to pay on the spot, you even get 10% discount! And they never keep your license, unless if you are drunk. And one more thing, when your police officer stop any driver or car, the way they stop, they cause more traffic, instead of help the traffic.

For Metro Manila, you really need to reduce the number of buses and jeepneys, they are a lot and the way they drive, like they are carrying potato not people! As long as if you can't stop them given your MMDA officer 10 peso for each pass, you can't control them, I saw that many location. There they got power to drive that way!


Reply from Public Concerns and Responses Management Unit (PCRMU)

MMDA do not confiscate driver's license (as stated in the TDO memo below) unless it is an administrative offense. Please, check on our website and read 10 Things That Drivers Should Know at and refer to number 3.


SUGGESTION 2: I'm glad that you now have a website to do suggestions and complaints. A big question I have is, the MMDA Officer, who will get your license and write you up a ticket, then will even tell you the difficulty of getting your driver's license back, and pay a fine of P500 to P1,000 pesos, etc. Especially if the driver is coming from a distance, like in provinces going to Manila. 

Obviously, if the license get's confiscated, and the driver would like to contest the violation, etc., it will cost him/her more money then to just get tempted to bribe the officer in question. To get the license back, (transportation from Ilocos and back) plus pay a fine, etc.. would cost approx. P2,000 pesos or more, so the driver would just give the officer a bribe of P100 to P500 pesos, and the MMDA Officer will just take the money and let the driver go.

Questions: 1.  Can the MMDA Officer just get the Driver's License Number and transfer the case to the local province where the driver resides ? Instead of confiscating the driver's license, thus giving the driver no choice but to go back to Manila to get his driver's license back.

2.  Can the MMDA Officer check the Driver's License Number of the individual to see if the driver is a frequent violator, or has never violated any traffic rules?


REPLY: As per Traffic Discipline Office memo dated 20 September 2012

MMDA do not confiscate driver's license unless it is an administrative offense, but local traffic enforcers do. Do not give money to any traffic enforcer.


Reply from Public Concerns and Responses Management Unit (PCRMU)

Yes, a traffic enforcer can call Metrobase and check your driver's license in our system.

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